• Meghan Winkler

Living the Hatchback Life

This past May, my husband and I hit the road for a month-long road trip out west. We converted my small hatchback into our home for 30 days, and surprisingly it worked out beautifully. This hatchback was all the room we needed - nothing fancy, just enough room for us and some essentials. We optimized our space to convert easily from bed, to kitchen, to storage, with minimal head-bonking and elbow clanking.

I wanted to put together a short gallery of the detail shots I took that represent what it was like to live in our hatchback for a whole month. It includes:

Home at a rest stop.

Wiping our feet and clapping our shoes to try to prevent the spread of endless dirt and sand.

Random assorted items that found a home in any spare pocket of space.

Using our bed as a surface to clean dishes.

Dirty handprints that tell our adventures.


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